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It’s hard to believe that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. face hunger*. Yet it happens, every day. *Share Our Strength

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The State of Childhood Hunger

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5 out of 6 Eligible Kids1

Do not get free summer meals.

The State of Childhood Hunger

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24 Million Americans2

Live in a food desert.

The State of Childhood Hunger

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20% of American Children3

Struggle with hunger.

For lots of kids, hunger makes it difficult to bring dreams to life.

Access to affordable nutrition and increased wholesome options are beneficial to childhood development. Unfortunately, millions of dollars in federal funding of nutrition programs go unused every year.1

We saw an opportunity to help fill this gap.

Food for Good brings together the nutrition know-how and food-moving fleet of PepsiCo, with local partners to deliver millions of tasty, nutritious meals to kids across the country.

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Nutritious food is essential fuel to fulfill childhood dreams.

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